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Horses pension

The Eagles Ranch has different mod cons to accommodate your horse:


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About us

In 2011 The Eagles Ranch built a new Horses Pension Stable complete with 29 spacious stables with paved paddocks. The Horses Stable is equipped with 2 saddle rooms and a heated circulation system to keep the watertroughs free from ice in winter offering the horses their supply of drinking water all the year round. The covered passage way leads to the Indoor Arena, which is 25 x 40 meters in size. The Arena is supplied with an ebb and flow riding surface and fenced off by windbreak netting. The Indoor Arena also provides space for the Horse Shower (€ 1.00 per 10 minutes of hot water) and a spacious Horse Grooming Area. The Saloon is attractively furnished and supplied with underfloor heating. There is a vending machine with coffee / tea / hot chocolate (€ 1.00 per cup) and in the heated hall there are 2 public toilets. At the Eagles Ranch dogs are only welcome on a leash and are not allowed in the Stables (because of the roughage in the feeding passage), the Saloon and in the Arenas.


At the rear of the Pension Stable we find the Outdoor Arena, which is 30 x 60 meters in size and fenced off by typically Texel "Tuunwallen". In future the Outdoor Arena will also be provided with an ebb and flow riding surface. Around the Ranch Eagles are the pastures for guest horses, always within easy walking distance. In the morning the Pension Horses are led outside into the pastures by one of the Eagles Ranch crew, in the afternoon the owners of the Horses put them up again. The spacious Round Pen can be used to go to work with your horse, warming up and lunging. The Round Pen has got a diameter of 18 meters and is located directly next to the Pony Playground. This Pony Playground is among others provided with a Bridge, a Fence and various Obstacles to do the Fright Trail and/or Agility. It is also used for the Children Training where children may get familiar with ponies before riding them, but also as a variety on their riding lessons.

General information Horse Pension Stable

Rates for a Horse Stable with paddock from € 210,00 per month and includes a straw bed, feeding horses in the morning and taking horses to the meadow. There is unlimited roughage for the horses which is available through the open fronts of the stables. Horses graze in groups. Private grazing possible at an additional cost. Ask for rates:

Horse Holiday Stabling Texel

Horse Stable with paddock at € 17,50 per day or € 130,00 per week (8 days), including straw bed and unlimited roughage. Grazing is to be reserved in advance (we might need to prepare an extra meadow) and only in combination with longer stay.


The Eagles Ranch
Burgerdijk 4
1791MH Den Burg Texel
The Netherlands
Mobile: +31 (0)6 13223058

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