Eagles Qton Tuff Bob Eagles Qton Tuff Bob Foal rearing programma de Eagles RanchFoal rearing programme at The Eagles RanchVeulen opfok programma de Eagles RanchFoal rearing programme at The Eagles Ranch

Foal rearing

The Eagles Ranch on the isle of Texel is both a horse breeding farm and a professional foal rearing farm for animals from Holland as well as from Belgium and Germany.

The herds

In the daytime the horses go out in order to get enough exercise and be able to develop strong muscles and bones, together in the herd with horses from the same age.

They are in the same herds outside as they are at night and throughout the winter in their rearing boxes. On the new Eagles Ranch there wil be rearing boxen with big paddocks for the winter periode.

In summer the young animals stay outside day and night and wil be checked every day. Every herd grazes a pasture of 2 to 3 hectares, depending on the size of the group.

Rearing boxes

The rearing boxes are provided with enough watering troughs and there is enough space to move about freely and lie down quietly. All the foals have access to ample supplies of hay and ensilage which they can eat by putting heir heads through the open front of the boxes.

In the late afternoon the animals that need it are fed dry horse food. There is always a salt lick around, both in the boxes and outside in the pasture. Every day the animals are closely monitored and in case of doubt the vet or blacksmith is immediately sent for. Horses that require extra care get it. Horseowners will always be charged with the vet's and / or blacksmith's bills.

Visit of the vet

Every first Wednesday of the month the horse vet pays the ranch a visit to examine the horses and treat them if necessary. You can consult the vet about your horse's condition anytime and if necessary his practice can supply you with a survey of treatment applied to your horse or foal. Examination of food and housing for horses can be found, among others, at: www.elsevier.com.

Take your horse for a walk

In the period your foal is staying with us in one of the rearing boxes you can, of course, take it from the herd for a clinic, a good grooming, a stroll. Anytime.

You can even take it for a walk to the beach, if you like! Paddling nicely in the sea...Drying yourself on the beach...And horsing around with your best friend back home.

Owners are welcome

Owners are always welcome to visit their young horse submitted to the foal rearing programme at the Eagles Ranch. It might be fun to groom your foal, to take it for a walk or to participate in a clinic. At the Eagles Ranch Natural Horsemanship clinics, straightness training and the classical horsemanship are held by Angelique of Angels Horse Coaching.

Horses are regularly moved to fresh and greener pastures so as to make sure the young horses are provided with sufficient food, which is very mportant for a healthy development.


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