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History of The Eagles Ranch

The Eagles Ranch used to be "Hoeve de Arend."


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History of the Arend farm

The old Arend used to be at the Ruigendijk in nature reserve Waal en Burg. This farm must have been there for centuries, thus being one of the oldest farms on the isle of Texel


In the eighteenth century the farmer's wife cooked in a tiny kitchen at a log fire. In 1835 Eierland was empoldered, but before that, sheep probably found their food on tide-land. At dusk they were driven in a pen so they wouldn't be surprised by high tide.


At spring, 1942 Emma and Hendrik Zoetelief moved to the Arend farm.

1959 the "Arend" rebuilt

They lived in this old farm until, after land consolidation, it was taken down and rebuilt in 1959. The old Arend was taken down as it didn't meet modern demands of farming and housing people.

Horses and ponies

Hendrik and Emma enjoyed taking the pony and trap. Years later, their grandson Henk started breeding American Paint Horses at the Arend farm. Since then it came to be called The Eagles Ranch.

21st century

In the new Millennium the Arend is run by Hendrik and Emma's son Jo and their grandson Henk. Jo and his second son Marco are busying themselves cropping the fields.

Henk has aimed at breeding Paint Horses and rearing foals from every part of the Netherlands. He is also a Texel Sheep breeder together with his friend and collega Koos Tjepkema.

The Eagles Ranch

In 2003 Henk and Danielle took over de Arend farm. They both take care of the camping, horse-breeding and foal rearing at the Eagles Ranch as de Arend has been called for some time now. They do so together with their children Bryon, Dennise, Djustin and Desree.

The Eagles Ranch moved to Burgerdijk

In 2011 Henk and Danielle left the Westerboersweg and completed their new estate The Eagles Ranch at Burgerdijk 4, near Den Burg. The new horse stables provide room for pension and holiday stabling. And general animal welfare has been taken into account in every aspect of the new estate.

The farm campsite has been moved as well with 15 camping places.

American Paint Horse Stud Farm The Eagles Ranch The old Arend was one of the oldest farms on TexelKrantenartikel de Arend 13 June 1959PonykarHendrik taking the pony and trap.KlederdrachtThe Zoetelief family in 2006