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Contact The Eagles Ranch

The Eagles Ranch is a family business that in 2011 will move to a new location in order to make room for nature development on Texel.

New estate

In November 2010 building started. The Horse stable will comprise 29 stables and 2 saddle rooms. The Stud farm will be provided with a 25 x 40 meter ring and a heated canteen. The Barn will comprise 4 large foal rearing boxes for the young animals and will be used to accommodate machines and winter fodder for the animals. The large barn beside the private home will be provided with large horse boxes where the mares can deliver their foals. The other boxes are for sheep, goats and cows.

Farm Campsite

The Farm Campsite will comprise 15 places which can be reserved for the whole season for real camping enthousiasts with a caravan from 1 April till 1 November. Other places that remain can be reserved for holiday camping with your own tent, caravan or camper. Fares are 10 euro per place and 5 euro per person per night and pets 1 euro per night, including tourist tax.

Visits only after appointment

Visits to The American Paint Horses are only possible after making an appointment and under supervision of the owners and/or employees at the Eagles Ranch. If you are interested in the foal rearing programme and would like to pay a visit, please make an appointment first.

Sales of Paint Horses

The foals, various young horses and some breeding horses are for sale for the real Paint enthousiast.

Texel Sheep

The Texel Sheep graze the meadows around the ranch and in the nature pastures and will come to the big barn at the farm only to give birth to the lambs in spring. After delivery the sheep move with their lambs into the large barn and as soon as the lambs are strong enough they go back into the fields with their mothers..

Eagles Summer Event

The only day throughout the year that everybody is very welcome at the Eagles Ranch without any appointment is at the Eagles Summer Event. This special day breathes the Western atmosphere and all the animals can be visited in their stables and in the different pastures around the ranch.

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  The Eagles Ranch
Burgerdijk 4
1791 MH Den Burg - Texel
Tel.: 0031 6 13223058
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