Fok Merries van de Eagles Ranch op TexelBreeding mares at The Eagles Ranch

The Eagles Ranch on Texel

The Eagles Ranch on Texel breeds American Paint Horses and has a rearing stable with small paddocks extended per stable for the annually born foals. The American Paint Horse Breeding Stallions naturally cover the Paint and Quarterhorse Breeding Mares on the Texel meadow in the herds of mares and foals.

Painthorse mare foal Eagles Gunsmoke Dolly

Paint Horse mare foal Eagles Gunsmoke Holly is ridden all round at competitions by Desree Zoetelief

The American Paint Horse foals are born in the Birth Stable or in the meadow of the Eagles Ranch and stay with their mother mare in the meadow for about 6 months. The Painthorse foals are for sale for the enthusiast. For the young animals the sale includes a rearing period in which the young horses grow up in the herd with peers and with sufficient exercise and the rearing programme.

Paint Horses

The American Paint Horses of the Eagles Ranch are Panel tested, friendly in character, have good exteriors and all-round bloodlines with various heights and color schemes. They American Paint Horses of the Eagles Ranch are all-round bred and have an expected height of the withers between 1.50m and 1.59m. Various Paithorse offspring are ridden in Western sports, but most of them ridden recreationally.


Immediately after their births the American Paint Horse foals are registered at APHA in America and are sold including their APHA papers and chipped with Passport, the young horses including a rearing period, annual vaccination against Influenza / Tetanis and Transport in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany for an additional fee.

Foal Rearing

After weaning the American Paint Horse foals born at the Eagles Ranch are admitted in the ranch's special rearing programme. This rearing programme only allows Paint / Quarter, western foals to grow up with peers. For the young horses there are large rearing boxes with extended Paddocks and natural meadows are rented to graze the horses. The nature pastures are maintained by the ranch, which allows the ranch to keep the roughage for all animals under its own management. Stallions are only welcome in their first year, they are gelded as a yearling.

Our Breeding Stallions

Eagles Gunsmoke LilEagles Gunsmoke Holly with youth rider Desree Zoetelief